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Motorcycle Quickshifter System

Translogic Systems Ltd is a world leading supplier of Quickshifters and Quickshifter systems We are a dominant force in motorcycle racing from club racing right through the world's supersport and superbike championships and onto grand prix level racing.  We supply positional sensor and our  `DURASHIFT'  TITANIUM GP quickshifter sensors, calibrated our using state-of-the-art strain gauge technology at our factory, and  quickshifters / quickshifter systems and Micro Dash LCD digital gauges to a vast field of motorcycles.  We have developed a comprehensive range of electronic performance accessories for motorcycles, motorcycle engine powered cars, ATV, Kart, Supermoto and motocross applications Translogic products are also trusted and used by OEM motorcycle manufacturers not only to bench test their engine/gearbox configurations for durability and longevity but to support there own race programs, testament to the Translogic Systems winning experience and are the recommended factory fitment.

Quickshifter Systems
The Worlds favourite Quickshifter Systems with superior reliability, performance and more...
Quickshifter details

Translogic quickshifter systems are used at virtually every level of racing, Moto2, World Superbike, World Supersport, British Superbike, World Endurance, AMA Pro-series, and international club racing.   Every aspect of Translogic's product design has been executed to the highest standard, using the best materials and automotive suppliers in the industry.  A 3 piece tie rod kit or dedicated model specific tie-rod are supplied in the Quickshifter system kit as standard, no need to order additional components.  Our quickshifter ECU is the smallest multi-channel Quickshifter in the world and the Translogic quick shifters interrupt cylinders separately and do not simply short the signal wires to ground like other systems, this is'nt good for the OEM ECU, the Translogic quickshifters compliment the OEM ECUs to ensure superior longevity. The software protocol inside Translogic quickshifter systems are specifically developed for specific models, not just a basic operation so they provide superior shifting, although there are universal stand alone quickshifter systems available for non specified models which still feature Intellishift and AST (Adaptive Shift Technology).

Translogic quickshifter sensors offer a unique `soft feel’ during operation due to it's cushioning movement, this results in less rider fatigue/stress and culminates in a superior `feel’ when shifting. These quickshifter sensors are tested many times during their 43 stage assembly at the Factory and go through a multi calibration process using in-house `state-of-the-art' strain gauge technology at a regulated room temperature of 22oC so you'll never have to adjust the sensor in the field or constantly fine tune it's settings, giving you total peace of mind. Our quickshifter sensors are temperature and vibration immune and false trigger immune too, there’s no need for any temperature compensation or amplifying electronics, the simplest design is generally best and most reliable when it comes to the harsh environments quickshifter sensors need to operate in. The Translogic GP quickshifter systems do not require any setting up, they work perfectly straight out of the box thanks to the CESGT (Controlled Environment Strain Gauge Technology) used during production, unique Adaptive Shift Technology and Intellishift features. There is however a `tuner mode’ feature inside the ECU, if the user likes to make adjustments.


Translogic Systems Ltd products range from the ground braking Powershifter, tiptronic push button gear shift system, to the incredible new `F' series AST (Adaptive Shift Technology) + Intellishift quickshifter systems,  with optional combined Micro Dash race dash systems Quickshifter products, the TLS-QS4-12 range have an optional `Quickset Adjuster'.  All the Quick Shift and quickshifter systems offer multi-channel Interruption quickshifting which facilitates up to 4 independent channels, ideal for preventing OEM warning lights from illuminating and maintaining traction in wet conditions.  Click here to transfer to our quick shift website home page to view the complete range of Translogic Systems LTD products. To transfer directly to our products page click here for our Micro Dash 3 (Race bike gauges), Powershifter (tiptronic push button gear shifters) and quickshifters. 


Sven:    "You're right, its an amazing good shifter (you guys should use the Carlsberg slogan and change beer into quickshifter ;-) "
Mike:      "The gear change is so smooth, I could not believe how effective it was even at low RPM, something I could not do with the other quickshifter setup"
Paul:      "Dear Translogic, I bought this system from you early last year for my 2008 Yamaha R1. What a system! I am so pleased with it. The quality and finish of the actual parts are second to none and my lap times have been greatly reduced because of it. It is far superior to anything in terms of both durability and functionality that I have ever seen or used. The smooth clutchless gear changes I make on the gas mid-corner that never upset the bike or my feeling have added to my mid-corner and exit speed enormously. Of course, the straight lines are made short with the mind-numbingly fast and smooth gear changes I can make flat out. I have been meaning to write this all but was too busy racing / working: Well done Translogic! It is easily the biggest gain per $ that I have ever paid for on any bike."

Special Quickshifter Systems from Translogic Systems for non tie rod installations