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Quickshifter Systems - Quickshifter and Quick shifter

Translogic Systems Ltd is the worlds leading supplier of the Quickshifter.

We are a dominant force in motorcycle racing from club racing right through the world supersport and superbike championships and onto grand prix level racing.

We supply DCS 'DURASHIFT' special stainless steel high strength quickshifter sensors calibrated using our state-of-the-art strain gauge technology at our factory, quickshifter systems and Powershifter Tiptonic gearshifter system to a vast field of motorcycles.

We have Developed a comprehensive range of electronic performance accessories for motorcycles, motorcycle engine powered cars, ATV, Kart, Supermoto and motocross applications.

Translogic products are also trusted and used by OEM motorcycle manufacturers not only to bench test their engine/gearbox configurations for durability and longevity but to support there own race programs, testament to the Translogic Systems winning experience and are the recommended factory fitment.

Intellishift Quickshifter Features

Intellishift Quickshifter

Unique and powerful, superior 4 channel Intellishift Quickshifter technology featuring MotoGP seamless shift simulation and adaptive-shift-technology. Includes 'Pro-Tuner-Mode' allowing you to change sensor shift force and interrupt durations at different engine RPMs.


Ultra-durable Quickshifter sensors, designed to perform, produced from special stainless steel alloys. Environmentally endurance passed. The #1 OEM choice for reliability and performance. Dual channels for road or race shift set-up, also available as 3 wire 5v configurations for third party aftermarket ECU control.

Quickshifter ECU

Compact, effective and simple to use Quickshifter technology featuring two independant interrupt channels for improved quickshifting. Easily adjustable shift force and interrupt durations. Features 3 simple adjusters for each parameter, no phones, PCs or LCD required! Works straight out of the box! no dyno time necessary!

No tie-rod? No problem!

Translogic’s precision linear Quickshifters sensors allow fitment of Intellishift Quickshifter systems to any application even without a tie-rod.

Everythings included

Tie-rods manufactured using aircraft specification aluminium for durability and lightness featuring Translogic's orignal DUAL THREADS. Supplied as complete 6 piece tie-rod kits or bespoke single tie-rods, it's all included for an easy install.

Intellishift and QSX Quickshifter details

Translogic Systems Ltd has developed the most advanced Intellishift Quickshifter systems available and exclusively feature the unique Intellishift 4 channel ECU with adaptive shift technology and real MotoGP seamless shift simulation. Without Translogic's exclusive state-of-the-art Intellishift feature it is'nt possible to attain truly great quickshifts that adapt to differing engine loads and RPMs. Although the QSX Quickshifter systems do not feature Translogic's Intellishift they do feature a dual channel interrupt system, the next best thing, which allows for fine manual adjustment of interrupt durations to help smooth the quickshifts out. Click on the link image to the right to see and experience Translogic's Intellishift Quickshifter in action at Circiut of the Americas, MotoAmerica championship.